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Aaron Close
Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Aaron Close

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Aaron Close
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07540 352 227

I've been an Art Department professional since early 2017, starting out as an Art Dept Assistant and Prop Maker, I have since worked as a Set Designer, an Art Director, and a Production Designer on numerous Short Films and Commercials, while also working regularly as an SFX Technician (and occasional Standby) on larger budget projects including Outlander seasons 4 & 5 (Sony/Starz), The Princess Switch 3 (Netflix), The Rig (Amazon Studios), Life After Life (BBC), Desert Warrior (Disney/MBC), His Dark Materials 3 (HBO), Havoc (Netflix), Willow (Disney+), and Neil Gaiman's Good Omens 2 (BBC/Amazon Studios) and Anansi Boys (Amazon Studios).

I was even fortunate to work for 9 weeks in a junior role as a part of John Nolan Studio's Creature Effects Department on Jurassic World: Dominion towards the end of 2020.
I'm able to turn my hand to many different strands within the Art Department as a whole, but I especially enjoy Set Dressing, Petty Cash/Production Buying, and of course Prop Making.

This is my third career after being a Publican, then an IT/Data Installation & Service Engineer (and then spending three years at the University of Edinburgh studying Sociology & Politics), before coming back to my creative childhood roots in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Art, Design and Model-Making, and starting my journey in Film and TV.

- Set: dressing, basic design & build
- Carpentry: basic set build, repair, flats, false walls, basic furniture, shelving
- Props: script breakdown, research, buying, budgeting, returns, standby
- Mould-Making & Casting: silicone moulds (mod-roc jacket), fast-cast resin, gun foam, biscuit foam, liquid latex
- Painting: acrylics, emulsions, spray paints, metallic effects, rust, weathering
- Metalwork: basic fabrication & welding (mig) in sheet, box section, tubular steel, cylindrical bar, flat bar
- Graphics: photoshop, flyer/poster design, menus, labels, business cards, stationery, letterheads, logos
- Drawing: sketching, concept art, basic technical drawing (analogue)