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James Heath

Person Name
James Heath
Company Name
Dresden Pictures
Mobile Phone
07738 021 111

I’m a Edinburgh based Producer, with a wealth of experience creating content and managing marketing strategies in the advertising, corporate and film industries.

My work spans across a broad spectrum of platforms, for a variety of brands and companies. From creating TVC's through 360 VR experiences to feature films.

If you've seen my portfolio you'll know I have extensive experience with big brands. I've worked in house at massive corporations like Google, with variety of creative agencies of all sizes and worked to build companies from the ground up.

Most of all I'm a passionate storyteller, with a love for film stemming from a small child who dragged his parents to the "pictures"! I love making things at all levels - whether its big productions with cutting edge tech or down and dirty gorilla productions with just a couple of people.

I think we live in a hugely exciting time to make content of all types and I'm thrilled to see how we can grow and reach audiences in our work.