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Juri Krutii

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Juri Krutii
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A multilingual film practitioner specialising in writing/directing, experience in assistant directing and production management. Creative and hardworking individual with exceptional communication and administrative skills.

Flori (2018)
15 min, Drama
North Isle Productions
dir. Rebecca Palmer
- 1st Assistant Director

Ghost of Me & You (2018)
25 min , Drama/ Sci-fi
dir. Ben Thompson
- 2nd Assistant Director

Spaceship (2018)
15 min, Drama
dir. Conor McMahon
- 2nd Assistant Director

Souvenir (2018)
13 min, Drama
dir. Marc - Aurele Otto Palla
- 1st Assistant Director/Production Manager

The Gurney (2017)
17 min, Drama (Student Film)
dir. Glenn O ' Faoilean
- Production Assistant / 3rd Assistant Director