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Book of Blood

John Harrison - 2008

Book of Blood

A 2009 British mystery-drama-horror film directed by John Harrison and starring Jonas Armstrong, Sophie Ward, and Clive Russell. It is based on the framing stories from Clive Barker's Books of Blood.

Mary Florescu is a celebrated author and professor with a string of bestselling books on the paranormal under her belt. For her latest project, she recruits a student from her class named Simon, who was at a time well known as a very reluctant and considerably unfortunate clairvoyant—said reluctance stemming from the fact that his communications with the other side have almost always left his body beaten and bloody. Mary wants Simon on her team because she plans to investigate the notorious Tollington House, a place of many an unusual happening and a murder site from several years ago. She believes that a spiritual sensitive like Simon can be an ultimate channel to the crossroads between the living and the dead, an invaluable tool towards understanding the house’s terrible mysteries. Whether or not he’s comfortable with taking on this role is of no consequence to her, and the two, along with a tech assistant, proceed to move into the house, stepping straight into darkness. They begin to get distinctly physical results that are... illuminating... in ways most horrific.

Filmed in Edinburgh at Edinburgh University, New Town, Royal Mile, Grassmarket, and in the Lothians at Dundas Castle and Ravensheugh beach hut.