Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders
Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders


Birger Larsen - 2016

"Edinburgh Council and film office were a great help to the show."
Kath Mattock, Producer

A set in the old school. Photo: FilmEdinburgh

Credit: BBC/Touchpaper TV/Anne Binckebanck

Following the success of Murder: Joint Enterprise (Winner of Prix Europa Best European TV Fiction, BAFTA 2013 Single Drama, Scottish BAFTA 2013 for Television Drama and Writer, Robert Jones), each film in Birger Larsen's 3-part series picks apart a murder in all its terrible complexity, hearing the story from every angle and casting the viewer as a jury member to decide on guilt and innocence.

Touchpaper chose to base the production in a closed City of Edinburgh Council school on the outskirts of the city which they transformed into production HQ and which also served for a number of the interior locations from houses to police stations, while also giving access to a range of exterior locations as well as top notch crew.

Producer Kath Mattock described the crew as "all brilliant." "Scottish HODS: Design, DOP, Sound Composer, Costume and Makeup, Locations etc... And a joy that so many returned from making the show in 2012 . Testimony to the challenges of the form and how it went first time round ! We also had one of the three directors from Scotland and one of the films was Scottish-set."

In 'The Third Voice', a body is found near the source of the River Tweed. Filmed on location at Drumelzier in the Scottish Borders as well as in the court at Peebles, and in the cemetery at West Linton.

'The Lost Weekend' is set in Belgravia London but filmed on location in Edinburgh.

Episode three, 'The Big Bang', attempts to uncover which one of three armed robbers killed an off duty policeman in cold blood ten years earlier. An old school in the outskirts of the city was used as a set, while Wester Hailes and Edinburgh Sheriff Court also feature.

Murder will be screening throughout March on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

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