Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders
Make Your Home a Film Location
Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Make Your Home a Film Location

“My house is ready for its close-up, Mr DeMille…”

“I’ve been there!” - for many people there’s an element of excitement in seeing somewhere they’ve visited or know well in the cinema or on TV. Imagine for a moment, though, the thrill of that place you see being your own property – and being paid for it.

At Film Edinburgh we received over 500 filming enquiries last year from across the world. These productions ranged from corporate and commercial shoots to TV dramas and feature films. With so many enquires, demand for filming locations is huge. Would you like to see your home on screen?

The job of Film Edinburgh, the film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders, is to attract and facilitate productions to the city by offering up a great selection of locations and properties for filmmakers to choose from. We rely on residents of these areas to submit their properties as potential locations. You don’t necessarily need to have a big country house, it could be a family home, a flat, and on any scale or size.

We work from a script or a location breakdown and send photos to filmmakers of all the locations which might work for the production. Filmmakers also have the chance to browse our online locations library where a selection of the photos in our library are published.

While recent years has seen Avengers, T2 Trainspotting and Outlander film in the city, feature films and TV dramas only make up 4% of total productions. The majority of productions are corporate and commercial shoots. We have recently suggested, and seen private homes used by productions for Scottish Widows, Scottish Beef as well as multiple government adverts. These lower impact shoots are often much more manageable and less time consuming for location owners than with a drama shoot.

In our experience, most commercials producers’ budget about £600 - £1200 for a twelve-hour day of interior filming in a conventional house location. The variance depending on what the production is and what they want to do in the location.

So by registering your property as a filming location with us, not only could you be saying “I live there!” the next time you recognise somewhere on screen, you might just make a few extra pennies in the process and have a story to tell.

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