Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders


If you work in film/TV production and are based in Edinburgh, East Lothian or the Scottish Borders, we will be delighted to add you to this production guide. This is a free service to highlight the range of production personnel and services based in the Edinburgh city region. Our privacy policy outlines how we look after your data.

New for this site, you can now load up an image to go alongside your details on the detail page. This could be your logo, a headshot, or just an image you like.

The 'summary' field is your chance to give us a concise list of your experience/credits in the categories you wish to be listed under. To be added to any particular category please include some professional credits in that field in the summary section. Please indicate the type of production for each credit. e.g. Runner - The Da Vinci Code (feature). Art Director - xxx (student film). If you wish to be added to the runners list, please note whether or not you can drive.

We do not publish personal addresses or home numbers online. We ask for your address by way of confirming you have a base in Edinburgh, East Lothian or Scottish Borders.

If you are updating your details, include the word UPDATE in the summary field before your text.

We will send you our e-news bulletin every 3 months, with the latest production news and stories from the Edinburgh city region production community. If you have any news that you'd like to share with your fellow Edinburgh production services & personnel, please do get in touch with us.