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David Hepburn Watson

Person Name
David Hepburn Watson
Mobile Phone
07729 854498

I am a versatile, award-winning media composer with over 15 years experience writing for film, animation, stage, and computer games. Previous work includes writing music for US television, award-winning animations, independent films, computer games, major UK retailers and UK Government. I have also written music for performance, receiving several awards including: Winner of the ‘Scottish Society of Composers Composition Prize’ with a Chamber Trio; Runner-Up in the ‘UK Songwriting Contest’ with an R'n'B song.

My most widely played piece of music is the orchestral sting I composed for Harpo Productions (Oprah Winfrey's production company). The sting can be heard at the end of all of Harpo's programmes, which play daily in the US and around the world.