Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Stock Footage

Huge collection of HD Edinburgh stock footage shot throughout 2012 and 2013.
Corporate, commercials and online content - see web site. Drone aerial cinematography specialists - flying heavy lift octocopter (various camera formats including RED, Blackmagic, Arri Mini, Canon 5d, C300) and Skyhero Spyder (GH4) with CAA approved pilot. Movi M10 handheld rig with trained technician.
Film and videotape Library dating back to 1957 holding a massive image collection including fantastic Scottish pictures along with other worldwide locations and both Scottish and International Personalities. Great Edinburgh images including the Festival, Tattoo and Hogmanay celebrations plus Scottish devolution and the opening of both the old and new Parliament buildings. Good aerial shots of Edinburgh and its surroundings.
VisitScotland holds an extensive array of stock footage of sites throughout Scotland including Edinburgh and the Lothians which promote tourism. The footage is available to travel media and could also be available to commercial filmmakers.
Aerial photography services and a dedicated fixed wing aircraft. Extensive library of aerial images also available. Images can be browsed online at In addition, 24 sq m photographic studio for table top items such as jewellery or food and drinks through to furniture, people and room sets.