Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Studio Facilities

Whether you are looking to create a conference centre, banqueting suite, exhibition hall, or a world class music venue, our "blank canvas" location can deliver precisely what you want. In fact the only thing we can’t give you is a standard space.
1450 square feet sound stage with drive-in access, Infinity Cove, Green/Blue Screen, Blackout, 30ft x 40ft lighting grid @ 15ft, 600A 3-Phase Power, Large stock of lighting, distro and grip gear. Very quiet, beautiful location 25 minutes from the city centre.
Green screen studio for hire.
Soundstages and facilities for film and TV productions.
Film, Television & Multi-Media. Post-Production, Direction & Design. Offline, Online, SD/HD/4K/S3D Finishing, VFX & Stereo Grading. DataLab with Digital Dailies, D.I.T. & Data Management services. Drive-in studio. Award winning editors. Wet/dry hire.
Drive-in 102 sq.m. with Infinity Cove, 45K lighting rig, 100 amp 3 phase supply. Green room, wardrobe / make-up room, shower & kitchen.

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