Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Translation services

The ILS interpreting service provides high-quality interpreters, own infra-red and digital equipment, latest ISO 4043 booths and experienced audio-technicians. With our extensive database of professional interpreters and translators, we cover all languages and subjects.
Edinburgh-based Subtitling and French/English Translation services. Subtitling: time-coding, adaptation into English or French, project management for other languages. Speedy translation of pitches, treatments, scripts, pressbooks, promotional material, catalogues, Media applications, etc. Experience with cinema and television including the Jungle Bunch 2, Zou (TV series), What's the Big Idea (TV series), Dude, that's my ghost! (TV series), Mademoiselle Zazie (TV series), The Jungle Book (TV series), and with film festivals.
Subtitling, Translation, Interpreting services from Edinburgh-based agency. Subtrain works into all mayor European languages and specialises in producing film subtitling and translation of scenarios, pressbooks,promotional material, catalogues, for film companies and film festivals both in the UK and Europe. It can also produce audio descriptions of films for the visually impaired.
English, Spanish, Portuguese and French into Italian subtitling, translation, interpreting services. I specialise in services for the film industry including translation of pressbooks, promotional material, translation and adaptation for dubbing, for film-makers, production companies and film festivals. I offer an "accessibility package" which includes subtitles for the hard of hearing and audio description.