Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Waste disposal

We can cater for all your waste disposal needs ie,Old furniture,Props, Packaging,old light fittings and general waste including food etc. We can also arrange special pickups at night . We are fully licensed by SEPA & offer competitive prices and a reliable service throughout the region. Please visit our web site for further details and hopefully we can supply a free quote in the future for all your waste requirements.
* Waste oil and fats uplifted * Clean containers supplied * Friendly and efficient service * Edinburgh and the borders * AGRI collects in all areas * SEPA registered. (NB AGRI took over Morrisons at Musselburgh, Scotland now covered from Coatbridge)
Frequency- Dependent on customers needs. Receptacle - Variety of containers. Ranging from 2-40 cubic yards. Bags, bins and skips. Shanks Group plc is a modern waste and resource management company serving customers in the UK, Belgium and Holland. Shanks offers a wide and often innovative range of waste management solutions within its various collection, transport, recycling, treatment and disposal services. Our key objective is diversion from landfill.
We provide a sack service to customers sited in the World Heritage Site. Any business outwith this area will be provided with a customised trade waste wheeled bin service. Collection days will vary depending on where the business is sited and also the needs of the customer. Also, did you know that we now offer a chip & pin service to customers taking their waste to our CRC sites? If you require further information, please contact the Trade Waste Section.