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Struggling to decide what to watch this festive season? We take a look at the host of new releases currently available which have filmed in the Edinburgh city-region. From historical epics and taut thrillers, to death-defying magic and kids television, there’s something for everyone.

Clique (Series 2) | BBC3

c/o BBC

BBC3’s hit university set psychological thriller from Skins writer Jess Brittain returns for a second series. Following the events of the first series, Holly is determined to put the past behind her and become a regular student. When Holly meets a clique of rebellious boys, she finds herself at the heart of a campus-wide scandal. Filmed over nearly three months and set and shot entirely in the Edinburgh city-region, each episode of Clique is filled with recognisable locations. Portobello Beach, Summerhall, and Parliament Square are just a few.

New episodes of Clique are available every Saturday on BBC iPlayer

Molly and Mack | CBeebies

c/o BBC

A new CBeebies pre-school series which follows Molly and her brother Mack during a summer on his toy stall, where they interact and learn from the friendly local community. The production is set around the Forth Bridge, featuring some stunning scenic shots. The series was created by Edinburgh based writer Peter Hynes, while director Adrian Mead, and casting director Orla O’Connor are also based in the capital.

Molly and Mack is now showing on CBeebies and is available on BBC iPlayer.

Outlaw King |Netflix

c/o Netflix

David Mackenzie’s big-budget, historical epic stars Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce as he goes on a journey from defeated nobleman to outlaw hero in one of the most volatile periods in Scottish history. Principal photography of Outlaw King began in August 2017 with a reported £85m budget, making it one of the largest films to be shot entirely in Scotland. The production spent seven days filming in Edinburgh but there was over a month of preparation during which the production team built a medieval village around Craigmillar Castle which plays Bruce’s home. The film’s closing scenes were shot at Seacliff Beach in East Lothian.

Outlaw King is currently streaming on Netflix

Outlander | Amazon Prime

c/o Starz

Season 4 of the hit historical time-travelling drama s now available on Amazon Prime Video. After reuniting, Claire and Jamie are attempting to build a new life in colonial America. While season 3 featured Edinburgh’s old town, season 4 includes locations such as Newhailes House in Musselburgh which makes an appearance in episode one.

New episodes of Outlander season 4 are available every Monday on Amazon Prime Video.

Death by Magic | Netflix

c/o Netflix

Magician DMC attempts to recreate the tricks that were the death the great illusionists for this Netflix series, including The Great Lafayette who died during a performance in Edinburgh. The production team, featuring travelling and local crew, spent about a week in the city for the episode which features Greyfriar’s Kirkyard and Piershill Cemetery.

Death by Magic is currently streaming on Netflix.