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Alessio Avezzano

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Alessio Avezzano
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Cinematographer and self-shooting director, experienced Red and Arri shooter with own kit and great story telling skills.

I've worked across a diverse range of productions; branded content, commercials to documentaries and narrative shorts.

I’m often hired for documentaries and commercial productions as a self-shooting director or as part of a full crew for larger productions. I am particularly fond of comedy and drama.

I have my own Red Gemini and Canon C500MII kit including audio and lighting but I am more than happy to use production in-house equipment.

I shoot and light to a high standard - documentary, interviews and drama.

I love collaborating with teams and other creatives, especially performers. As a director, nothing is more satisfying than seeing a vision brought to life and getting the intended reaction from an audience.
As a cinematographer, coming up with a visual style for a film that elevates a story or brings a new visual layer to a production is extremely rewarding for me.

Over the past few years I have shot in the USA, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Scotland, England, Switzerland, India, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and all over China (our China base is Shanghai).

I can edit and colour-grade and prefer to work with DaVinci Resolve and the Adobe Suites. I know East Asia very well, especially China where I have worked on many productions and have a lot of contacts. I even speak a little Mandarin.

Lastly, I’m an indie filmmaker at heart. My YouTube narrative series Mamahuhu has gained international recognition with over 190,000 subscribers.