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Charlie Jefferson

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Charlie Jefferson
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07962 814 604

Born 1978 in London, Charlie is a British composer and music producer who has lived in Scotland for over 20 years.

His training as a classical guitarist collided with the world of electronic production in the late 1990s and ever since the resulting work demonstrates a love of exploring these diverse fields.

Since graduating from Glasgow University in 2000, Charlie has been hooked by the process of collaborating with filmmakers and is still fascinated by the power that music has to transform and to elevate visual mediums.

With a background as a successful composer for television and media productions, in recent years Charlie has moved increasingly into the field of feature production and drama.

A versatile composer, his current work and style is interested in concepts of landscape, external and internal, and works with the guiding principle that feeling and emotion come first. The resulting work, an emotive and atmospheric blend of rootsy acoustic elements, orchestral instrumentation and minimal electronica has proven popular with award winning film makers worldwide.

Charlie now lives in bonnie, coastal East Lothian