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Christopher Clayton

Person Name
Christopher Clayton
Company Name
Chris Clayton Art
Mobile Phone
07932 188 116

Art Department services with over 15 years experience on feature films, shorts, TV, online series, commercials and documentaries.

  • Storyboarding
  • Concept Artwork
  • Graphic Art and Design
  • Art Direction
  • Production Design
  • Propmaking
  • Scenic Construction and Artistry
  • Digital Matte Artistry/Painting
  • I'm also good at making tea!

Credits include:

Graphic Designer - I Hate Suzie (TV) - Bad Wolf Ltd

Storyboard Artist - Safeguard (Feature) - Precious Productions

Storyboard and Concept Artist - The Last Immune (Feature) - Dream More Films

Graphic Designer - Punjab United (Documentary) - BBC

Concept Designer - Rockfords Rock Opera (Animation Series) - Sweetapple Productions

Storyboard Artist - Numerous commercial productions including Coca Cola, FIFA, Visa, James Villas, EA Games, Peroni, ITV Racing, Beagle Street, EPSON, Barry M - for numerous Commercial Producers/Companies such as Space City, ICENI, Aspect Media, Flycreative and Heehaw.

Art Director - Snapfish (Commercial) - Sneath Production

Graphic Designer (Poster and Marketing) - Numerous Production (for Sales Agents/Company) - Evolutionary Films

Concept Artist - Candy House (Feature) - 7DM Studios

Graphic Artist - The Lost Commandoes (Documentary) - BBC Documentary

Production Designer and Scenic Construction - Shed of the Dead (Feature) - 7DM Studios

Propmaker and Scenic Construction - 2 HRS (Feature) - Moonlight Films

Art Director - Want That Trend (Commercial) - Sneath Productions

Digital Matte Artist - The Spies That Loved Folkstone (Documentary) - BBC

Graphic Designer (Poster and Marketing) - Numerous Production (for Sales Agents/Company) - Carnaby International

Digital Matte Artist - Samsung (Commercial) - Mobstar Media

Graphic Artist - Snowrider (Feature) - Mavericks Storm Entertainment

Storyboard Artist - Salvage (Feature) - Hoax Films

Storyboard Artist - KICKS (Feature) - Starstruck Films

Production Designer and Scenic Construction - Worldart Media TV (Online TV Show) - Worldart Media