Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Clare Kerr

Person Name
Clare Kerr
Company Name
Mead Kerr Ltd
Mobile Phone
07803 207619

THE REPLACEMENT ( 3 part drama, Left Bank Pictures for BBC1),
EVE (13 part children’s series for CBBC 2015),
MURDER (3 part drama, Touchpaper TV for BBC 2 2014),
SCOT SQUAD (4 part comedy, BBC Scotland 2014),
SWUNG (Feature, Sigma Films 2013),
MI HIGH (13 part children’s series for CBBC 2013),
WITCHER (video game promo 2013),
ONLY AN EXCUSE (Comedy, BBC Scotland, 2012),
THE AWKWARD AGE (Comedy, BBC Scotland 2012),
WHAT BURNS DID FOR ME (BBC Factual TV 2011/12),
Outpost 2: Black Sun (UK, Feature, 2011),
THE WICKER TREE (UK, Feature, 2009),
SHOE BOX ZOO (13 part CBBC series).

Wide Open Spaces (Irish/UK CoPro 2009),
Night People (UK 2005).