Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders
Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders


Company Name
41 Charlotte Square
Mobile Phone
07831 248804
Scott Findlay

Mission Statement:

“To design and deliver customised event and traffic management solutions to the highest level of quality and safety.”

Company Overview:

CREXCELL has built a reputation for professional event management and successful partnerships with our clients. We are proud to contribute to our clients’ ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.

CREXCELL is a flexible organisation that offers you wide-ranging events management solutions. When we take on a project, we take responsibility for various aspects of the works, including:

• Traffic Management
• Event security and stewarding
• Traffic management equipment hire
• Event delivery design, planning, and consultancy
• Event route design and planning
• Event site analysis
• Roads and transport planning
• Compiling and promoting traffic orders
• Traffic management design and drawings
• Supervision and implementation of traffic management systems
• Organising and coordinating transport-related services
• Liaison with local authorities and the police
• Roads legislation advice
• Client representation
• Stakeholder management
• Contractor management
• Representation at multi-agency meetings
• Health and safety compliance
• Accreditation and compliance management
• Environmental compliance
• Conflict solutions and event delivery issues

The CREXCELL Events Management team specialises in delivering public events. The team is led by Scott Findlay, an expert in event planning, traffic and pedestrian management. Scott is one of the Scotland’s most respected traffic management and roads experts, Scott brings a wealth of knowledge in road network management, maintenance, and legislation gained from 25 years of working in local government highways and transport departments. Scott was a founding member of Edinburgh Council’s Events Planning and Operations Group (EPOG)/Safety Advisory Group (SAG), and chaired the Transportation Sub-Group meetings.

Our project managers establish effective project control systems and take client briefs, as well as managing key project issues and delivering in partnership with our clients a safe and successful event.

Production credits include:

Fast & Furious 9 (Feature film) Universal
Eurovision (feature film) Netflix
Outlaw King (Feature film) Sigma / Netflix
Avengers: Infinity War (Feature film) Marvel/Disney
Trust Me (TV drama) BBC One. Red Productions
Clique (TV drama) BBC Three. Balloon Entertainment
Liar (TV drama) ITV. Two Brothers Pictures.
Shetland (TV drama) BBC One
The Cry (TV drama) BBC One
Molly and Mack (Kids Drama) BBC CBeebies
Our Ladies (Feature film)
Marionette (Feature film)
Limbo (Feature film)
Still Game (TV sitcom) BBC
Patrick Melrose (TV drama)
Gareth Jones (Feature film)
All You Need Is Love (Feature film)
Born to Run (Feature film)