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Gail Bowman

Person Name
Gail Bowman
Mobile Phone
07807 243843

I hold a Masters degree in Production Design and am an Art Department professional based in Edinburgh. I have experience of working on a feature film and my skills include sourcing props, creating graphics, DIY and set dressing.

Credits include:

Production designer:
“Taxed” - short (Glasgow 2018)
Director: Russell Davidson
Company: Filming Scotland

Art director:
“Premier Insurance” - commercial (Edinburgh 2018)
Director: Ewan Fletcher
Client: NatWest

Production designer:
“Blink” - teaser (Edinburgh 2108)
Director: Eric Romero
Company: Broken Blonde

Art director:
“Don’s Choice” - promo video
(Edinburgh 2018)
Director: Ian Greenhill
Client: Innis & Gunn
Company: studio something

Art director:
“Sofa Space” - commercial (Edinburgh 2018)
Director: Robin Haig
Client: Lees
Company: Freakworks

Art department assistant:
“Death by Magic” - Netflix series (Edinburgh 2018)
Director: Simon Dinsell
Company: David Taylor events ltd.

Production designer:
“My Lonliness is Killing Me” - SFTN short (Glasgow 2018)
Director: Tim Courtney
Company: arpeggio pictures ltd.

Production designer:
“Tomorrow Might be the Day” - SFTN short (trossachs/Glasgow 2017/2018)
Director: Josefa Celestin
Company: Shakehaus

Art director:
“Chaos and Calm” - commercial (Edinburgh 2017)
Director: Magnus Wake
Company: The Gate Films

Art director:
“The Grey Area” - BBC drama series (Edinburgh 2017/2017)
Director: Garry Fraser
Company: Pixel Riddims ltd.

Production designer:
“None of the Above” - SFTN short (Edinburgh/Glasgow 2017)
Director: Siri Rodnes
Company: Arpeggio pictures ltd.

Production designer:
“The Cursed Child” - short (Glasgow 2017)
Director: Calum Mackinnon
Company: MacKinnon films ltd.

Route Runner:
“The Biggest Little Railway in the World” - channel 4 series ( fort William/Inverness 2017)
Company: Love Productions

Art director:
“Tattoo” - commercial (Edinburgh 2017)
Director: Hamish Allison
Company: Freakworks
Client: RBS

Production designer:
“Dark Sense” - feature (Edinburgh 2017)
Director: Magnus Wake
Company: First and Only ltd.

Art department runner:
“Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me” - TV drama (London 2011)
Director: David Richards
Company: ITV for STV productions