Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Post Production

Blazing Griffin Post provides solutions to all your post production needs. We offer location editing solutions, dailies processing, offline and online edit suites, end to end post production solutions/management, workflow design and management, and services including managing post production budgets as well as coordinating bookings. We can also provide experienced Post Production Supervisors, Post Production Coordinators, and Assistant Editors. Previous clients include Outlander Season 1 & 2, Shetland Series 2 & 3, Waterloo Road Series 8, 9 and 10, Iona, Sony TV, Left Bank Pictures, ITV Studios, BBC and Shed Productions.
The studio’s highly experienced team record for TV, radio, corporate av and dub for animation companies using ISDN and ADR techniques.
Motion graphics, special effects, animation, and rostrum for film & television. Considerable experience with broadcast credits.
Film, TV and commercial soundtrack composers. Castlesound is a leading independent recording studio. Major record and production companies (including film, video, TV, radio and advertising), independent labels, and established and new artists from all sectors of the music world use the studio, and we aim to provide a friendly and flexible environment to meet individual needs.We handle all manner of recording, mixing and mastering, including all film, TV, radio and video processes (tracklaying, foley, mixing, dubbing, radio drama etc.).
Film Lab Specialising in 35mm/16mm negative developing and 35mm bulk release prints, features/commercials.24 hours a day, 7 days a week, have your Rushes sent digitally on set for next day on set preview.
Filming | Aerial Filming (PfCO) | Editing | Motion Graphics. I make films under the banner Ear Trumpet Media, experienced with many cam setups and across a wide variety of media and shoots. Drop me a line.

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