Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders


Motion graphics, special effects, animation, and rostrum for film & television. Considerable experience with broadcast credits.
Freelancer with over 16 years industry experience, specialising in editing and motion graphics.
I’ve worked in the creative sector on and off now for over 29 years and consistently since 2002. I’m currently the director and manager at Nexus Digital Media Limited in Edinburgh.
Film, Television & Multi-Media. Post-Production, Direction & Design. Offline, Online, SD/HD/4K/S3D Finishing, VFX & Stereo Grading. DataLab with Digital Dailies, D.I.T. & Data Management services. Drive-in studio. Award winning editors. Wet/dry hire.
A respected and creative editor and a talented video graphic artist.
Motion graphics designer, specialising in creating motion graphics for TV, cinema, and online use.

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