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Sunshine on Leith

Dexter Fletcher - 2012/13

"We were always supported at every turn"
Dexter Fletcher, director
Sunshine On Leith

Dexter Fletcher's film about life, love and home, was taken from the hit stage play and features music by The Proclaimers. Set and filmed in Edinburgh, locations include Leith, Constitution Street, Bernard Street, Mound, Grassmarket, Shore, Calton Hill, North Bridge, Hanover St, Royal Mile. All sunshine in the film was real!

Dexter Fletcher

Fletcher told Film Edinburgh that Sunshine On Leith is "a love song to Edinburgh; a family story, full of art and hope." He went on to say "the city of Edinburgh is absolutely integral to the film. The city gives us our backdrop and that's how we use it.

"Every day that we filmed we had sun. It's easy to imagine that Scotland is quite rainy and cold but it's not the case and hopefully when people see the film they'll be able to see that.

"Edinburgh is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most photogenic cities in the world, and not just because of the architecture but also because of how the light plays, which is very important in a film, and as much as it has grandeur it also as a real kind of texture to it, a real gritty street kind of feel, that, obviously, any story to my mind and certainly the story we’re telling, needs. "

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