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Top Kids' TV in Edinburgh
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Top Kids' TV in Edinburgh

Filming is currently underway on a new CBBC scripted reality series that is set in a fictional Edinburgh high school. Logan High follows a strong tradition of popular children’s programmes filming in the Edinburgh area. We take a look at some of the other children’s favourites filmed in the Edinburgh city region.

Logan High, produced by Chalkboard TV, has been filming in the capital throughout the autumn with a view to airing early next year on the BBC’s children’s channel.

The Scotsman revealed the series will focus on “the challenges, friendships, fads and fashions experienced by teens on the cusp of adulthood”.

Here are some other children's television series filmed in the Edinburgh city region.

Teacup Travels (2015 - Present)

This innovative live-action series from Edinburgh based production company Plum Films is now in its second season on CBeebies. Teacup Travels centres around the relationship between Charlotte and Elliot, two inquisitive children, and the magical adventures they go on to ancient civilisations across the globe. All are made possible by the stories told to them by their Great Aunt Lizzie (played by BAFTA award-winning actress Gemma Jones).

Filmed in Edinburgh and Musselburgh, the production team include double Academy Award Winner Leslie Dilley (Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark). Children and their families are often spotted taking photographs outside Great Aunt Lizzie’s home at the Gardener’s Cottage in Princes Street Gardens.

Hububb (1997 - 2001)

This children’s comedy starring mime artist Les Bubb was featured on BBC One from 1997-2001. Bubb played a delivery man who gets himself into all sorts of bother while out working on his mountain bike. The series was shot entirely in the capital with a host of recognisable locations, while Bubb’s character lived in a tower in the centre of the city which was the Melville Monument in St Andrew’s Square.

Dani’s House (2008 - 2012)

This CBBC sitcom ran for five seasons. Dani Harmer from the Tracey Beaker series stars as a teenage actress and singer whose life with her mischievous younger brother Max and friends Sam and Toby are observed by two aliens. While the first series was filmed on location in Kent, the production relocated to the Edinburgh city region for the remaining 4 seasons. The production took over a large house on the outskirts of the city where they would base and shoot for months at a time.

Raven (2002 - 2010) (2017 - Present)

Adventure game show Raven ran for 10 seasons over eight years on CBBC, proving to be a huge success, which included winning two BAFTAs for Best Children's Programme in 2003 and 2006. Raven saw a group of six children, known as warriors, complete a series of tasks over five days with the most successful two children competing for the title of Ultimate Warrior. In 2017 it was announced that Raven would return for its eleventh series after a seven-year break. Filming took place at two historical castles; Craigmillar Castle in Edinburgh and Tantallon Castle in East Lothian.

Balamory (2002 - 2005)

Balamory was originally shown on Cbeebies. Known for it’s theme song “what’s the story Balamory”, the series was a big success, garnering a cult following as well as winning a BAFTA in 2004. The live action series, aimed at pre school children, was set on the fictional island community called Balamory. All of the characters, which included Miss Hoolie, Josie Jump, PC Plum and Archie the Inventor, wore a distinctive colour of clothing that would match the colour of their home. While the majority of the series was filmed on the Isle of Mull, Archie’s pink castle is actually Fenton Tower in East Lothian.

Me Too! (2006 - 2007)

Following the success of Balamory producers Tattie Moon replicated the format for Me Too! which launched in 2006. Again aimed at pre-school children this CBeebies series was set in the fictional town of Riverseafingal. A number of locations in the capital were recognisable including Royal Mile, Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh Castle and Water of Leith, and some key characters operate within the city: Bobby, the Riversea Buses cleaner, cleans Edinburgh's Lothian Buses, and Rudi the market stall trader has a stall at Edinburgh's Farmers Market on Castle Terrace.

Shoebox Zoo (2004 - 2005)

CBBC’s fantasy series Shoebox Zoo aired for two seasons. Vivien Endicott- Douglas plays 11-year-old American girl Marnie McBride who moves to Edinburgh with her Scottish father, Ross (Tommy’s Honour director Jason Connery). Marnie is given a mysterious box of toy animals for her birthday, the four toys come alive during the night in their quest to find an ancient magical book. The toy characters were voiced by impressive cast including Simon Callow, Rik Mayall and Alan Cumming while Peter Mullan appeared as magician Michael Scot.

A co-production between the BBC and Canadian television companies, Shoebox Zoo shot 13 episodes in the Edinburgh city region and the other 13 in Canada. The majority of season 1 was shot in Edinburgh featuring St Giles Cathdral, the Balmoral Hotel, Central Library, Dominion Cinema, Boroughmuir High School, Old Town and Marchmont. East Lothian locations, Tantallon Castle and North Berwick are featured while Melrose Abbey in the Scottish Borders also appears.