Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Alan Maxwell

Person Name
Alan Maxwell
Mobile Phone
07885 432478

TV: "Outlander" (LBP/Starz/Sony) 16 Episodes C Camera Operator. "Eve" (Cinevisual/Leopard Drama) B Camera, dailies. "Waterloo Road" series 8 & 9 (Shed Productions) 24 Episodes. "This September" (Gate TV) Ep4 (2nd unit)."Dani's House 4" (Foundation TV), "Starting Over"(Gate TV),"Angel Cake"(BBC),"Monarch of the Glen 7"(BBC),"Making Waves"(Carlton).

Childrens TV: "Waybuloo"(Foundation/RDF) A Camera-Technocrane/Remote Head.

Features: "The Eagle" (Belmont Productions ltd) B Camera, dailies. "Doomsday"(Doomsday Films) Additional Operator main & 2nd unit. "Almost Heaven"(Infinity Films Canada)