Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders


Specialises in creative video production, editing, graphic animations, filming and live event production.
Filming | Aerial Filming (PfCO) | Editing | Motion Graphics. I make films under the banner Ear Trumpet Media, experienced with many cam setups and across a wide variety of media and shoots. Drop me a line.
Freelance video editor with over ten years experience in music videos, short film and video content for clients all over the world.
Video artist and editor. I have been editing professionally since over 3 years - mostly short and features films, but also educational materials, branding, music, fashion videos etc.
Avid editor with a background in feature films, corporates, artists' gallery films and much else.
Experienced camera operator (One Man Band possibility) , Editor and Motion Graphics designer. Bilingual (English & Spanish)

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