Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Studio Facilities

Whether you are looking to create a conference centre, banqueting suite, exhibition hall, or a world class music venue, our "blank canvas" location can deliver precisely what you want. In fact the only thing we can’t give you is a standard space.
1450 square feet sound stage with drive-in access, Infinity Cove, Green/Blue Screen, Blackout, 30ft x 40ft lighting grid @ 15ft, 600A 3-Phase Power, Large stock of lighting, distro and grip gear. Very quiet, beautiful location 25 minutes from the city centre.
Green screen studio for hire.
Film, Television & Multi-Media. Post-Production, Direction & Design. Offline, Online, SD/HD/4K/S3D Finishing, VFX & Stereo Grading. DataLab with Digital Dailies, D.I.T. & Data Management services. Drive-in studio. Award winning editors. Wet/dry hire.
Drive-in 102 sq.m. with Infinity Cove, 45K lighting rig, 100 amp 3 phase supply. Green room, wardrobe / make-up room, shower & kitchen.
2000 sq ft studio on the 1st floor of an ex-engineering warehouse off the Shore in the heart of Leith.

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