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Connor McCausland
Film office for Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders

Connor McCausland

Person Name
Connor McCausland

First Aid certified AD/Runner with two years experience working as various roles in the HETV/Film industry.

Recently finished working in the AD team in the hybrid role of No1 Stand-In/Runner for Flight 103 in the central belt. On unit split days, this has included stepping up as a Cast & Set PA. Since then I've worked on Dailies for Dept Q. & Outlander BOB as both a Floor Runner & Crowd Runner.

Experienced in both studio and location projects. I have worked closely with Cast and Crowd (SAs). Started work as a Location Marshal for HETV/Film, before progressing to further roles within the AD field. Additionally worked in the theatre industry for Emmy Award winning production teams.

Based in Edinburgh/Glasgow primarily - further bases across the UK and more than happy to travel.

Recent Credits:

  • EE 'THE SHIRT' - MTP (Commercial), Cast PA/Runner, 2024.
  • OUTLANDER - BOB (HETV), Crowd Runner & Floor Runner (Dailies), 2024.
  • DEPT Q (HETV), Floor Runner & Crowd Runner (Dailies), 2024.
  • FLIGHT 103 (HETV), Stand-In/Floor Runner & Crowd Runner, 2024.
  • Mither (Short Film), Casting Director & Assistant Producer, 2024.
  • DEPT Q (HETV), Location Marshal, 2024.
  • ANTAGONIST | ALEX | Pickups (Music Video), 1st AD & Co-Producer, 2024.
  • Drawn In (Short Film), 3rd AD & Cover 1st AD, 2024.
  • A Godforsaken Place (Short Film), 1st AD/Co-Producer & Casting Director, 2023/24.
  • The Fall Of Sir Douglas Weatherford (Feature Film), Location Marshal, 2023.
  • What I Am? (Short Film), Art Dept Runner, 2023.
  • First Train Home (Short Film), 1st AD (Daily), 2023.
  • Disasteroid (Short Film), Producer & 1st AD, 2023.
  • Cadbury's Chocolate - Generations of Generosity MTP. (Commercial), Location Marshal, 2023.
  • Dinosaur (HETV), Additional Location Assistant, 2023.
  • Caledonian Capo (Proof Of Concept), 1st AD, 2023.
  • Never Again (Short Film), Producer & 3rd/Crowd AD, 2023.
  • Violet and Me (Theatre), Assistant Producer, 2023.
  • Vigil S2 (HETV), Location Marshal, 2023.
  • Gumball 3000 (Event), Location Marshal/Steward, 2023.
  • TRSMT 2023 (Event), Location Marshal/Steward, 2023.
  • Mary & George (HETV), Location Marshal (Daily), 2023.
  • Johnnie Walker Edinburgh Experience MBP Ltd. (Commercial), 3rd AD, 2023.
  • ANTAGONIST | ALEX (Music Video), 1st AD, 2023.